About us

In 2012, DHi partnered with ACT Leadership LLC, a Leadership Development and Coaching company in the US, to create an integrated employee and leadership development program with the CQI and a number of UK Universities, culminating in Masters Degree qualification in Quality Leadership.

David is currently the sole UK Academician in the International Academy for Quality. IAQ is acknowledged to be the worlds leading authority in the Quality Sciences and Disciplines.

Since the CQI announced that it was withdrawing form Ofqual approved Qualifications, DHIQC has picked up the baton and is in the process of creating and marketing a huge new range of courses under the collective banner 'Quality without Borders'. Whilst they are already publicised on this site, there is still much work to be done and there will be a stream of new announcements over the coming months.

David Hutchins Innovation was founded by and is still under the guidance of David Hutchins who not only worked with all of the unchallenged global leaders but who also represented Dr J.M. Juran from 1983 until he retired from international travel in 1993 and also worked with Professor Kaoru Ishikawa.

Professor Ishikawa’s sole visit to Europe in his lifetime was at David Hutchins’ invitation. David has a Chapter in the book dedicated to Professor Ishikawa’s life.

David was acquainted with Dr Deming from 1980 when they met for the first time in Tokyo before Deming became known in the West.

Met and dined with Dr Feigenbaum on many occasions at international conventions.

David also has a chapter in Dr. Juran’s book ‘A History of Managing for Quality‘,

David was also one of 4 invited international keynote speakers at Dr. Juran’s 100th birthday celebrations and also those of Professor Ishikawa in both Taiwan and Tokyo University in September 2015.

Created all of the syllabuses and structure for all of the 2010 CQI OFQUAL approved courses including the CQI Diploma in Quality Management and the Level 3 Certificate in Quality Management .

Designed the Kingston University Level 7 course Quality Leadership by Work Place Learning.

David’s book Hoshin Kanri used as the base for Gatwick Airport’s huge investment in business performance improvement.

All of our courses are competitively priced and with the exclusive 40+ video content in our portals is of unchallengeable value.