Diploma in Quality Leadership

Prices start from £3100 + VAT**  

Choose the most respected Quality Diploma course on the global market. This qualification combines the Quality Fundamentals and the Diploma in Quality Leadership courses. The David Hutchins Innovation (DHI) Diploma in Quality Leadership covers the Introduction to Quality, People the Quality Factor, The Role of Monitoring and Measuring in Making Decisions, Business Performance Improvement and Principles of Quality Management Systems as well as 4 extra units.

Start your DHI journey today and you could be qualified in a years time and you will start to improve your teams performance almost right away.

For over 40 years, David Hutchins Innovation has been ‘the name’ in world-class Quality training, qualifying hundreds of people every year. Don’t accept any substitutes!    We’ve trained our students to become leaders in their field.


Our Higher Diploma course will ensure you continue to progress your career by allowing you to develop your knowledge and skills.  This course will help you to become a recognised quality professional.


The DHI Diploma in Quality Leadership incorporates the courses in Quality Fundamentals together with a further 5 elearning units.   Designed to be viewed from either PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can study any time of day and pick up from where you left off. The additional units are:

  • Quality Based Management Systems
  • Quality Auditing
  • Legal and Regulatory aspects of Quality
  • Project Engineering – New Product Development
  • Facilitating and Mentoring for Quality

Following on from the Quality Fundamentals, the Diploma in Quality Leadership provides the professional credibility, knowledge and skills you will need to start making a difference in your work life.


Distance Learning – Part time

The Diploma is entirely e-Learning based. The 9 units in this course are tutor supported and are externally examined. All units are tested by the submission of a 4,500 word assignment.  

The assignments are based on the content of the Quality Fundamentals units which are provided as part of the course but have 3 objectives:  

  1. To further reinforce knowledge of the content.
  2. To make the intellectual link between course content and its application in the students work environment.
  3. To develop the student’s ability to conduct subject research.

These assignments may be submitted at any time of the year and marking.


This is the diploma level course for anyone with the Quality Fundamentals qualification or the CQI Level 3 Certificate in Quality (exception from the Quality Fundamentals based on proof of CQI Level 3).   


The price of the 12 unit Diploma course is £3100 + VAT.
However, the course can be purchased Unit by Unit for £365 plus VAT** per Unit.
If you need any further details, please do not hesitate to ask.

 There are no other charges, registration fees or membership requirements.

** VAT at current rates applies to all students or their employers within the UK and European Union.

Overseas students
Outside of the EU, VAT still applies to individuals purchasing the courses themselves but not in the case where the courses are paid for by registered Companies. These are not our rules unfortunately, but it is the legal situation.

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